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December 18, 2009


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I think I have seen these somewhere before, as the packaging looks vaguely familiar. Who doesn't have a need for a good cracker? Thanks for highlighting these--I'm going to grab a pack in my local market! I really like the information you include on your blog ;-)

I recommend you try all four varieties of the crispbread.

The crispbread flavors are: natural, sesame, cracked pepper and my favorite, the rosemary crispbread!

We own a family business in Fort Collins that serves really wonderful coffee called The Haunted Game Café (hauntedgamecafe.com). The coffee is from a local roaster, made just for this cafe. We also have board games for sale, as well as approximately seventy card and board games available for play for free in the cafe, at any time. We would like to invite you to come for a visit, to try our espresso, as well as some of our Signature Drinks:

* Vampire’s Kiss – A raspberry mocha.
* Dark Delight – A toasted marshmallow latte.
* Lestat’s Mortal Pleasure – A chocolate and cherry smoothie.
* The Tell-Tale Heart – A blueberry Italian soda topped with strawberry whip cream.
* Irish Gothic – Espresso, caramel and Irish cream blended into a cold and sweet smoothie.
(Read the full coffee and teas drink menu on our website.)

You may view our photo gallery of the decor here on the website, or at Flickr.com (search Haunted Game Cafe).

If you have any questions, please contact my husband, Gary Sproul, directly by phone or e-mail:
(970) 402-2466 or Gary@HauntedGameCafe.com.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you great coffee very soon,
Diana Sproul

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